Why Deep Fryers Like Both Oil And Water

If you’re just starting to deep fry things, you probably didn’t know that oil is nothing like water. In fact, water is oil’s arch enemy, so it only makes sense to avoid mixing the two. It’s true that oil and water don’t mix – at all.

You can actually cause an explosion by adding water to hot oil. This has happened countless times, and it has caused fires and even deaths. You have to be extremely careful when doing this stuff. When you’re working with very hot oil, it’s crucial to keep your work area very clean.

However, it’s even more important to keep it dry. You should never store water anywhere near your deep fryer. Fortunately, you can get online and read several home deep fryer reviews. If you don’t find helpful reviews, you can buy a deep fryer from the local store.

The Dangers of Mixing Hot Oil and Water

A lot of people don’t know that adding water to a cauldron of hot oil can lead to a massive explosion. Many people make the mistake of not properly drying their food before they add it into the deep fryer.

This can be a recipe for disaster because the water can cause the hot oil to boil over. All food should always be dried inside of a paper towel before it’s cast into the lake of oil.

A lot of people like to use a wet batter for their foods before they throw them into the deep fryer. It’s important to make sure you shake off all of the excess batter. You want to do everything possible to ensure water doesn’t make it inside of your vat of bubbling oil.